Welcome to Chatterbox Studios

Our vision is to leverage our collective experience, knowledge and complementary skills for the benefit of our clients, providing insight, advice, and delivery of innovative and creative technology solutions.

We have worked together for 9 years for a 'big 4' accountancy firm. During this period we have successfully lead and managed technical teams in the implementation and integration of IT systems. We have a wealth of experience in designing, developing, implementing, hosting and supporting web site, web service and integration solutions for clients.

We follow an agile methodology, working closely with stakeholders to understand the context of their business, to ensure our solutions are aligned with overall strategy and prioritising the delivery of features which offer the highest business value.

Richard has been a professional developer for 15 years. His interests are in the design and implementation of technology solutions and being creative to deliver business value efficiently.

Ben has been a professional developer for 10 years, working on a range of web, client server and integration projects. His particular interests include user interface design, user experience, server and system security and mobile phone technologies.

Samantha has been a business analyst and managing projects for over 10 years. She is experienced in facilitating process re-design and requirement gathering workshops. Passionate about implementing and refining the agile process, and ensuring a genuine two way honest communication is occurring between all the stakeholders and the delivery team.

Examples of recent projects delivered:

  • Implementation and configuration of a third party workflow system to support a core internal business process with multiple integration points to existing systems
  • Development and implementation of tax accounting reporting system including online data collection and retrieval of data to on premise databases. Deployment to multiple FTSE 250 clients
  • Integration of a retail bank’s tax customers into the clients systems to allow the client to outsource their tax work to the client
  • Development of web based pensions models for FTSE100 clients and development of a seminar/meeting system to support clients pension change communication

We'd love to discuss any projects you've got in mind, please get in touch via email contact@chatterboxstudios.co.uk.